The City of Tías will approve this Tuesday in plenary session the general budgets for this 2019, where works will be executed for almost 15 million euros. The plenary session will be at 5:00 p.m. in the plenary hall of the Consistorial Houses.


The group of Municipal Government of Tías (PP and CC) will offer this Tuesday a press conference to announce these budgets, where the largest investment plan in municipal history for an annuity will be executed. The investments will be executed with own resources and with the contributions of other public administrations.


The press conference will be at 11 am on this Tuesday, February 12, 2019, in the meeting room of the City of Tías. The mayor of Tías, Pancho Hernández, the deputy mayor, Amado Jesús Vizcaíno, and the councilor for Economy and Finance, Ramón Melián will participate in the press conference.


Among the topics that are also included in the agenda of this plenary session, the first to be convened in this new year 2019, are the free way to grant two licenses for projects contemplated in the Modernization Plan of Puerto del Carmen, between They are a 5 star hotel for the rehabilitation of their old building (Hotel Los Fariones) and an annex complex.



Also, in this plenary session, the City Council of Tías will designate the municipal representative in the Compensation Board of a new urbanization, with commercial land, which is processed by the Technical Office for the development of a 43,443 m2 floor bag in an area neuralgic of Puerto del Carmen, next to the Rambla Islas Canarias. Thanks to this development, approved since 2008 in the current General Plan for Urban Development of Tías, Tías City Council will receive, as a free transfer, two plots with 8,508 square meters that will be used for the creation of parks and green areas.