A month after suspending all its operations with the Canary Islands, as it had already announced, Tui was returning to the Islands this Saturday.


The return was with a plane, the X3-2142, from Frankfurt in which dozens of German tourists arrived in Lanzarote. Although the destination was Gran Canaria, before it made a stopover on the Island of Los Volcanes, a resource that the tour operator used to take advantage of a flight that came emptier than usual.


The tourism sector believes that, although the number of tourists arriving on the island was not very relevant, some 25 people, the important thing is that a first step has been taken that can encourage other companies to return to the islands.


Now all eyes are on the UK because it is already being said that if the number of cases on the islands continues to decline, they could return next week. This would be a fundamental boost for the deteriorating island economy.