The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands has put out to tender, through the public procurement platform of the State, the improvement of Paseo de las Cucharas, in Costa Teguise (Lanzarote), a work valued at 1.710.277 , 9 euros (1,821,446.06 including the IGIC). Companies wishing to apply for this procedure will have a deadline of February 18. This project will not only improve the pavement, but also include lookouts, urban picnic areas, children’s areas and sports circuits, among other equipment.


In this way, and after experiencing several delays due to issues related to the winning companies, the new procedure to carry out the work is opened. The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Isaac Castellano, confirms that “the Government of the Canary Islands has fulfilled its commitment to finance this project with twice the budget originally planned, with the aim of improving this well-traveled area not only for tourists, but also for the citizens of Lanzarote. “


The counselor recalls that “from the very beginning the demands of the City Council of Teguise were met and the investment has been extended to add more meters of pavement, which will allow the promenade to go further and offer the possibility of carrying out numerous varied activities “.


Castellano insists on “the importance of renewing and improving public facilities located on tourist land, as this undoubtedly means an increase in the quality of the Canary Islands destination” and recalls that “actions of this kind benefit not only visitors, but also to the residents of Costa Teguise and the rest of the Island, who will be able to enjoy the new benefits of this maritime avenue “.


Project details


The aim of the project is to reinforce and coordinate the use of the commercial, leisure, sports and transit areas so that the Paseo de las Cucharas is not only conceived as a space to walk through, but also one to enjoy.


With the economic allocation that the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands allocates spaces to enjoy the view of the sea, both in the sun and in the shade. In addition, public spaces will be established to celebrate outdoor cultural events, such as concerts.


Attending the diversity of users who share the Paseo de Las Cucharas, will include children’s areas, sports and biosaludables circuits. Likewise, the transversal connections between the avenue, the beach and the commercial fabric will be reinforced.


The 12,000 square meters currently paved will be intervened as well as the landscaped spaces in which maintenance, pruning and incorporation of new plant elements will be carried out. It will also promote an increase of around 1,000 square meters of new public areas, as well as a system of wooden platforms to improve accessibility, comfort and use of the rocky coastline.