Tourism entrepreneurs ask that taxes be suspended due to the crisis

Tourism was the first sector affected by the coronavirus, -the historical stoppage of the industry in the first months of the spread of the virus is still remembered-, and it is likely to be the economic segment that will recover later.


The new restrictions on source markets such as the United Kingdom, which do not establish the islands as a safe corridor or the delay in authorizing antigen tests to enter the Canary Islands, generate even greater impact in the current season, which has been practically lost.


With this panorama, the businessmen of the sector demand measures that give a firm response to the serious tourist situation. They thus seek to compensate for the fall in resources caused in the industry by the current economic-health crisis.


In this sense, they put on the month the exemption of local taxes (IBI, IAE and fees) while the accommodation sector continues in a situation of total paralysis . The president of the regional tourism association, Jorge Marichal indicates that very few municipalities in the Canary Islands have adopted measures aimed at alleviating the tax burden on companies that pay taxes and fees for services that they do not generate and economic activity that they are not performing because They cannot, as the Canarias7 newspaper reported this Sunday.


Also from the tourist employer’s association there is the need to enforce Additional Provision 11 of Royal Decree Law 27/2020 in which allusion is made to the ultra-peripheral condition of the Canary Islands and to seek the fit in this rule to justify a package of measures for the Canary Islands as long as the tourist situation does not recover.


Measures already applied 


Communities such as Madrid or Valencia have already launched different packages of corrective measures for the situation for the industry , as the businessmen of these centers have been demanding. Specifically, the Madrid City Council has approved tax credits for next year (2021) that will mean savings of 11.8 million euros.


Valencian hoteliers request discounts of 50% in the IBI, IAE and garbage rates and 100% in the rates of fords or reservation of spaces on public roads