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Lanzarote registered 26.1% occupancy in hotels and tourist apartments in June


Lanzarote recorded 26.1% occupancy in hotels and tourist apartments last June, which represented an increase of 6.6% compared to May and 11.6% compared to June 2020, as published by the Data Center of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, taking as a source the Tourist Accommodation Survey of the Canarian Institute of Statistics.


The average rate paid per night by the almost 50,000 tourists staying in the 124 establishments opened in June on the island -45 hoteliers and 79 non-hoteliers- was 73.2 euros, almost 30% more than the average cost of the accommodation night on the island in June 2020 (56.5 euros) and approximately one and a half euro more than in May.


Those 124 hotels and tourist apartments opened in June -20 more than last May- offered a total of 40,162 tourist beds, 32.4% more than the previous month and almost double those that were put on the market in April of this anus. Of these amounts, 26,344 were hotel beds and 13,818 non-hotel beds.


Also noteworthy is the increase in the number of people employed by these establishments, a total of 13,932 (of which 13,070 worked in hotels and 862 in tourist apartment complexes) compared to 3,418 employed in May or 2,470 in April.



Logically, the number of tourist overnight stays registered on the Island last June (about 250,000 for an average stay of 5.4 nights) also represented a considerable increase compared to May (just over 150,000 and an average stay of 4, 5 nights); as well as the income registered by the establishments: 9.3 million euros in June compared to 5.5 million that entered together last May.