Lanzarote concluded 2021 with a tourist occupancy of 63.4% and 175 open accommodation establishments , as published by the Cabildo Data Center, taking as a source the Tourist Accommodation Survey prepared by the Canary Institute of Statistics (Istac), which reflects how the gradual The improvement experienced by the sector last year has been associated over time with the reduction of restrictive measures when traveling by issuing countries.  


Thus, the best tourist month for the Island last year was November with an occupancy rate of 81% and the same number of open establishments, and which continued the good data obtained in September when 76% occupancy was reached in the 171 hotel and non-hotel establishments open. However, the annual average drops to 50% due to the poor start of the year , when very poor occupancy figures were obtained, such as 12.2% in January in the 111 open establishments or 13.3% occupancy in February. with only 87 tourist establishments that opened their doors.


This average represents an improvement of just over 3 points compared to 2020, but it is 30% away from the occupation reached in 2019 , the last year not affected by the pandemic. It also improved both the number of places offered (41,771, which represents an increase of 7,000 compared to 2020), as well as the number of travelers (999,112 in 2021 compared to 747,136 the previous year) and overnight stays (6.8 million, almost 1 .5 million more than in 2020). This in turn meant an increase in the income obtained by all establishments (close to 286 million euros compared to 202 the previous year) that applied an average daily rate of 91 euros to their customers, eleven more than in 2020, and generated 9,619 jobs (106% more than in 2020).


The only indicator that worsened compared to 2020 in terms of tourist accommodation in Lanzarote last year was that of the average stay, estimated at 6.87 nights compared to the 7.71 that it reached the previous year . However, and despite reflecting a clear recovery in the accommodation sector, the data for 2021 are still far from those obtained on the Island in 2019, in which the average number of open establishments was 260, which obtained revenues of more than 700 million euros (despite the fact that the average rate was lower: 82.5 euros) by accommodating more than 2.5 million travelers (19.5 million overnight stays) and employing nearly 10,300 people.