Total revenue from accommodation decreased by 9 million euros compared to December 2021


The relaxation of the restrictive measures due to the incidence of Covid-19 as the vaccination of the population has increased has meant a gradual improvement for the island tourism sector. Thus, last January Lanzarote received 135,641 tourists -only about 23,000 fewer than it received in the entire first half of 2021- of which 118,479 came from abroad, according to the monthly statistics of Frontur-Canarias that excludes in its count tourists from the rest of the Archipelago.


Of the total number of visitors we had in the first month of this year, 3,844 arrived on the Island through cruise ships and 116,011 stayed in one of the 179 open hotel establishments and apartment complexes, which meant an occupancy rate of 58. 6% in the 24,641 tourist rooms that in total were available on the Island in the first month of this year and 50% per accommodation place, according to the Tourist Accommodation Survey prepared by the Canary Institute of Statistics (Istac).  


These figures represent a notable improvement compared to those registered in January 2021 when the occupancy rate was 13% per room and 11.8% per accommodation place. However, they represent a decrease compared to December last year when they stood at 63.3% and 54.6% respectively, which in turn has meant a decrease in total income from accommodation of almost 9 million euros, rising to 38.7 million in January, the month in which the average daily rate was 86.7 euros compared to just over 100 euros in December.





In this sense, it stands out that despite having a greater number of rooms -24,641, almost 420 more- and places -60,321, around 900 more- available, the income per room was significantly lower in January compared to December, when the month spent at an average of 50.78 euros per day compared to the 63.41 euros on average that was reached in the last month of last year, when 169,823 tourists visited us.