Our friend and business contact Bimal Melwani has written a very good article in respect of UK tourism in the Canaries and we think it makes interesting reading. Just click on the link below for the full article.


UK Tourism in the Canary Islands: Taking a Closer Look

As the summer season approaches its end, Spain has proven once again that it is still a ‘hot’ commodity in the global tourist market,  and has the UK as its largest consumer base. This article looks at the main factors that contribute to the continuity of UK tourism in the Canary Islands.

Spain is by far the number one holiday destination for UK tourists, with the Canary Islands occupying 3 of the top 10 Spanish destinations of 2015. The number of UK tourists has increased close to 20% in the last five years. Over 4.1 Million UK holiday goers visited the sunny archipelago last year alone, that’s over 6% of the total population.