This past Sunday the activity did not stop at the Lanzarote airport where almost every 5 minutes a plane took off or landed in the middle of the day until well into the afternoon.

Record day with 146 operations only accounting for international flights and with the Spanish peninsula. These data show that the month of July, which began below expectations, has gradually recovered.

The head of Tourism Lanzarote, Héctor Fernández, certified that the increase in frequencies, highlighting some of them. “There are issues that positively affect the summer, such as the creation of the Vueling base on the island and that has generated the optimization of the flight schedule to Barcelona, ​​which allows interconnection with a very important number of routes,” he says. “The creation of the Binter base with a second plane has also been important and that is also related to the commitment that the company is making with peninsular routes, to North Africa and even Europe.”


He also highlighted the good behavior of British tourism. “British companies such as Jet2 are playing a key role in increasing the island and, despite the problems their airports are experiencing, we believe that it will be a good summer with this market”.


The person in charge of Tourism Lanzarote that despite the uncertainties due to the geopolitical situation and inflation we are going to close the tourist summer very well. “The natural thing is that the data for July and August are also favorable, as they have been so far, although we don’t know if they will reach the levels of 2019, but it will be a positive summer.”


Héctor Fernández recognized that the expectations for the winter season are also quite positive.