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Santa Cruz de La Palma hosted last week the Blue Ecotour Transnational Conference, a program led by the Foreign Promotion Society of Lanzarote (Turismo Lanzarote-SPEL), which aims to develop a common model of intelligent ecotourism in various areas of Macaronesia. valorize and protect the natural and heritage resources of the coastal and maritime territories.



Precisely, the CEO of Tourism Lanzarote-SPEL, Héctor Fernández, participated in the Conference with the presentation ‘The Blue Ecotour project . Characteristics, objectives and expected results’, which dealt with the development of a common model of ecotourism to value and protect the heritage resources of the coastal and maritime territories, contributing to the Blue Growth strategy of the Macaronesian cooperation area.


Ecotur Azul is integrated into the Lanzarote 2020 Strategy and is part of the Odyseea network of tourism and blue growth that brings together more than 80 European maritime and port areas, as well as the outermost regions of the Caribbean and Macaronesia, and aims at meet the needs of the coastal tourist ecosystem, enabling sustainable local development. This project is funded by Interreg funds of the European Union.