A year later, tourism and economic activity slowly return to Lanzarote

Eleven months, practically a year, Lanzarote has been without tourism, without activity and with the engine of its economy paralyzed. This has resulted in closed companies and thousands of people in the ranks of unemployment or in Ertes. It took many losses and a long vaccination process, which is progressing more and more rapidly, to once again see a timid recovery of tourism on the island.


This Tuesday about thirty flights were arriving from different parts of Europe, those arriving from England being especially relevant, which since Monday already allows its vaccinated citizens to travel without having to quarantine upon their return and from the peninsula. Confinement and months of restrictions have made everyone want to travel more than ever.


The heat has also contributed in recent days to seeing the beaches full of people, and although the hotels are still at fifty or sixty per cent of their capacity, and they are not all open, there are still 40% closed, life has returned to the tourist municipalities and a certain optimism seems to have settled among the merchants and businessmen.


However, health officials continue to recommend maintaining the precautions and rules followed during the pandemic, especially in closed spaces, to prevent the situation from getting complicated again on the island.