Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL – Tourism, science and technology, a pilot experience with the Lanzarote seal

Lanzarote will launch a pilot test so that people who want to visit the island can do so safely. The test, which will begin on May 14 and will last for 4 days, will host fifty tourists at the Hotel Meliá Salinas, an architectural jewel of the tourism industry.


Participants will carry out a complete tourist program that includes a panoramic view of the island, with visits to the Art, Culture and Tourism Centers of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, restaurants, excursions, use of public and private transport, among others. And it is that this pilot experience of innovation aims that tourists arriving on the island have a safe and pleasant stay for the entire vacation process.


The challenge facing this project is to test a travel model that includes measures that guarantee the safety of the traveler, the staff who attend him and the residents, through the implementation of non-intrusive, simple and non-intrusive control and monitoring protocols of the Covid. effective. The result has been an integrated solution that combines scientific research and technology to respond to the needs of the island’s economic activity, while at the same time preventing, monitoring and controlling the risk of contagion, at all times in coordination with the Canary Service. of health.


The project has been carried out within the framework of the ‘innovation sandbox’ promoted by the Cabildo de Lanzarote and Turismo Lanzarote as part of its innovative transformation process to face the challenges of the future. The solution has been developed by King’s College London, Alastria, IN2 and Continuam.


Biosafety model


For health aspects, the project has had the collaboration of King’s College London, a scientific institution of great prestige in Europe, which has been working on a research process based on a type of test with high efficiency in detecting the virus. and very simple to use for the user: a PCR, called PCR Queen, of saliva. The model to be tested in the pilot includes taking samples from the people who participate to monitor the tourist throughout the entire process and have control over the virus and possible strains throughout the stay.



Likewise, the Hotel Meliá Salinas and the establishments collaborating with the pilot will use this protocol among their staff, with periodic and random tests to improve their safety. This model is already used on the King’s College campus with very good results.


The saliva PCRs will be analyzed in laboratories accredited by the health authorities and will be turned into a simple application that will allow tourists to receive a certificate with the results on their smartphones through a QR code, or consult it on a web page. Being based on blockchain technology, the application is interoperable with the green digital certificate promoted by Europe and complies with the standards of the European Commission, in addition to guaranteeing the privacy rights of users. This application has been developed by the company IN2, partner of Alastria.


Additionally, the technological tool provides tourists with truthful and contrasted information on the Covid protocols adopted by tourist establishments and services, quickly and easily and by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone. This functionality is based on responsible statements made by said establishments, which are registered and traced in the Alastria blockchain network (red-T) and which allows the verification of information on prevention measures against Covid, both by tourists as well as by third parties (administrations, compliance companies, etc.), in an objective and transparent way.


During the pilot test, an event-talk will be held in which all the details, both technical and scientific of the project, of this model of safe tourism experience that can be applicable to all activities in the sector, such as accommodation, shops, will be made. , restaurants, leisure activities, rent a car services, etc. Which will be reviewed by AENOR in order to certify compliance with the Covid Safe Protocols and thus better guarantee the response and resilience capabilities of the solution.


In addition to the Meliá Hotels & Resorts chain, the Biolab laboratory, the Cicar car rental companies and the Art, Culture and Tourism Centers of the Cabildo de Lanzarote collaborate in this proof of concept.