Between  January and May  Lanzarote has received a total of  1,223,992 tourists , which represents an  increase of 23.3%  compared to the same period in 2022, according to the Lanzarote Data Center.

Many tourist markets are increasing their arrival numbers. A particular case is that of  Ireland , from where  135,765  people have arrived, representing an increase of 53.4% , the Celtic tiger represents the second international market on the island by volume and importance .

Likewise, arrivals from Germany and France have also increased, there were 111,678 German tourists , which represents an  increase  of  24.4%  and  91,682  French tourists  ,  28.4% more  than in the same months of 2022. In the case of tourism nationally, the increase was 5.1%. 

Dependence on the British market

Despite the increase in arrivals from the aforementioned markets, the island continues to be highly dependent on the behavior of the British market, which accounts for nearly half of the arrivals. Between January and May, 592,835 tourists arrived from the United Kingdom  , which represents a  growth of 28.1%  compared to the same period in 2022.  

In  May  the island received a total of  234,260 visitors , which translates into an  increase of 8.4%  compared to the same month last year.

Among them,  more than half came from the United Kingdom,  there were 121,978 tourists, which represents a growth of 9.4% compared to May 2022.

The Irish markets, with 29,245 tourists and an increase of 25.8%, and the French ones, with 16,499 tourists and 11.5%, grew at a higher rate than the British one.