The news that the United Kingdom announces its probable opening of borders for the middle of May, and taking into account that English tourism accounts for 30 percent of the tourist influx in the Canary Islands and 50 percent in Lanzarote, is given practically by Easter was lost and hopes are opened for mid-summer.


It would be disastrous, with dire consequences for the islands, to spend another summer without tourists. It must be taken into account that tourism accounts for 30 percent of the Canarian economy directly compared to 10 percent at the national level.


The situation is critical and it is essential to recover tourism, and for this to achieve good levels of vaccination, as the United Kingdom is doing, it is key. This was stated by the executive director of Meliá Hotels, Gabriel Juan Escarrer, in social networks “Only by achieving a similar immunity to the tourist-issuing markets will we offer safe corridors and save this season. Because the great Spanish destinations will not withstand a second year without tourism, let’s support this platform #VacunasSaludyEconomia ”.


On the other hand, the cruise season could begin to resume somewhat timidly in mid-March, as announced by the German company AIDA, which already has a return date for its cruises to the Canary Islands. The ship AIDA Perla will once again operate closed circuits around the Islands as of March 20.



The shipping company was forced to cancel all its scheduled crossings between March 6 and 19, due to travel restrictions that the German government has extended until at least March 7.