The total expenditure per tourist per day has increased in the second quarter of 2011 in Lanzarote and reached 111.06 euros, 73.81 euros of which was spent on the booking and 37.25 euros on the island. The data obtained from the “Tourism Expenditure Survey,” published by the Cabildo Data Center, based in the Canary Institute of Statistics.

Of the 37.25 euros per tourist per day spent in Lanzarote, 4.27 are used for accommodation, transport 3.68 (1.41 for public transport and 2.27 for car rental), 18.05 euros for food (6.50 in supermarkets and restaurants 11.15), 5.01 for souvenirs, 4.7 to 1.54 euros in leisure and other things.

Despite this good thing, the fact is that Lanzarote is 4.16 euros lower than the average total tourism spending that occurred in the Canary Islands during the same period. However, in terms of what they spent directly on the island, Lanzarote is above average, with 0.95 euros more per day than the other islands.

Tourists staying in tourist areas in the municipality of Yaiza have the greatest total expenditure, while those staying in Tias make more direct use on the island. Meanwhile, tourists who stay in the municipality of Teguise have the least spend of the whole island