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The nearly 1,200,000 tourists that Lanzarote had in 2021 allocated a total of just over 1,128 million euros to enjoy their holidays on the Island. This disbursement represents an increase of 49.5% compared to that made by the 795,000 people who visited us. visited in 2020, but almost 60% less than that carried out as a whole by the slightly more than 3 million tourists who traveled to the Island in 2019, according to the Tourist Expenditure Survey prepared quarterly by the Canary Institute of Statistics (Istac ).


Specifically, the average daily spending per tourist in Lanzarote amounted to 140.5 euros last year, 2 euros more than in 2020 and 6.5 more than in 2019. However, the rest of the eminently tourist islands of the Archipelago had in 2021 an average daily expenditure per tourist higher than that registered on our Island. Thus, in Fuerteventura it reached 153.2 euros; in Tenerife the 143.4 euros; in Gran Canaria the 142 euros; and in the Canary Islands as a whole, 144 euros.


Analyzing said spending by quarter, a very clear variation is observed between the first half of the year, fully affected by the measures imposed to try to control the pandemic, and the second in which travel restrictions were eased. Thus, in Lanzarote the average expenditure per tourist and day in the first quarter of 2021 was 134.6 euros; in the second of 124.4; in the third of 141.3; and in the fourth, the annual average was exceeded, reaching 143.1 euros.


And what did they use those 140.5 euros per day on average that the tourists who visited us last year spent? Well, 62.1 euros were allocated to accommodation; 31.8 euros to travel to the Island through national or international transport; 11.9 euros to local transport; 21.1 euros for food; 7 euros for entertainment, culture and sports activities; 5 euros for purchases; and the remaining 1.6 euros are pigeonholed under the heading of ‘other expenses’.   


This has been the evolution of tourist spending in Lanzarote in the last four years:


2021: 1,128,605,795 euros (average daily spending per tourist: 140.5 euros)


2020: 754,758,304 euros (average daily spending per tourist: 138.6 euros)


2019: 2,729,719,186 euros (average daily spending per tourist: 134 euros)


2018: 2,871,904,452 euros (average daily spending per tourist: 144.4 euros)