24th September 2011

The most popular swim across the Canary Islands takes place in the stretch of sea between the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, called “El Río”, within the Marine Reserve largest area of Spain.

It has become a must for lovers of swimming in open water, many swimmers congregate in order to unite the two islands. The goal is located on the dock of La Graciosa. This is the only inhabited island of the archipelago Chinijo Islands, and the most northeastern of the Canary Islands.

This environmental heritage is a unique ecological area of great scientific interest for its volcanology and landscapes. Its biological richness in endemic species and marine dunes and golden beaches and primitive constructions of the streets make this an idyllic spot.

The personal challenges, the great atmosphere of camaraderie, the heavenly landscape, is just what makes this journey an attractive event for new and veteran swimmers, nature lovers and the sea.

Registration deadline: September 7, 2011 or space availability

The deadline for registration is determined by the availability, (650 adults and children 50) being able to close prior to that date.

Contact Phone: 928 810 100 ext. 2193 or 3500
e-mail elrio@lanzarotedeportes.com

Registration on-line from www.lanzarotedeportes.com