Aware of the importance of implementing new technologies in communication and thus improve the competitive positioning of the destination, the Lanzarote Foreign Promotion Society (SPEL-Lanzarote Tourism) has undertaken a pioneering pilot project worldwide through an agreement signed with AdQuiver Media that will allow not only validate the importance of data-based strategies, but also collaboration with all the agents of the destination to promote direct sales in the tourism sector.


In particular, and according to the Councilor for Tourism Promotion of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Ángel Vázquez, the aforementioned project “will contribute to promoting the destination in two key markets for the island such as the United Kingdom and Spain, where intense prospecting will be carried out through of Programmatic Marketing and the use of methodologies based on real-time data, Big Data and Business Intelligence “, which will allow limiting the audience most likely to travel to the destination of Lanzarote.


On the other hand, he adds, “all the data generated from the campaign and localized audiences can be used by hotels and tourism companies in Lanzarote, helping them generate more direct sales and maximizing their investment by acting on audiences already located with high purchase probabilities. “



In this sense, the CEO of SPEL-Turismo Lanzarote, Héctor Fernández, emphasizes that “in this way the return on investment of the entire campaign will be multiplied, not only by the effect generated in the destination with the promotion in those key markets , but because hotels will have more tools to increase their direct sales “


For this reason, it considers that this “campaign, which will last until the end of January and therefore will take place precisely in one of the most important periods of the year, since it is where most of the summer holiday purchases are decided, supposes a great opportunity for the tourist companies of the island “.


Likewise, Héctor Fernández emphasizes that with this project “Lanzarote Tourism contributes to the generation of long-term competitive advantages, as we announced in the presentation of the Digital Marketing Strategy Lanzarote 4.0, that improve the positioning of the destination and its strength in the face of possible threats , turning technology and innovation into the pillar of the promotional strategy “