Lanzarote Airport received a scarce six flights today, after one of the British Airways was canceled and tomorrow almost no flights are expected. From the SPEL this winter season is analyzed as terrible.


Ángel Vázquez, Tourism Councilor of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, confirmed that “the balance this Christmas has not been good, we have even worsened the covid figures on the island,” he pointed out, pointing out that given the levels of contagion in the United Kingdom, Germany and even the peninsula, everything has been very complicated.


The short-term future is terrifying as the Filomena cold wave joins the pandemic, which has caused the cancellation of numerous flights with the peninsula. “The forecasts are very bad because we must add to all this the cold wave we are going through, the flights to Madrid have been canceled, from Lanzarote, and there are companies that have not modified the programming for the winter season, so we hope they will be resumed, but it depends a lot on the issuing countries ”, recalls the counselor. “But with so many countries confined, even if the companies do not cancel the programming, it will be difficult for the occupation to improve.”


Ángel Vázquez considers it very difficult to make a forecast about the return of tourists to the island, although he hopes and wants them to do so for the summer season. “We are going to see how everything goes with the vaccine, there is hope. We can only hope that the situation reactivates in summer ”, he says.



It should be noted that the island’s tourism sector considers the winter season of this year dead and remains awaiting the renewal of the ertes and the rapid application of the vaccine.