The president of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, Dolores Corujo, announced this Monday the approval of the institutional declaration in which all the forces represented in the first corporation will jointly request the installation of the headquarters of the European Tourism Agency on our island.


The motion came from the Popular Party whose representatives now valued that the members of Podemos approved it when on other occasions they have been opposed.


The popular spokesman and former Councilor for Tourism of the Cabildo, Ángel Vázquez, expressed his satisfaction with the consensus that exists on this matter, although he has missed a more diligent management of the new PSOE-Podemos government, which has not reacted until the Popular Party announced the presentation of its motion at the end of June. “Even with everything, we are glad that the government has finally become aware of the great opportunity that hosting this new European international organization would represent for our island,” Vázquez acknowledged during his speech.


The counselor has valued the attributes of Lanzarote which, he assures, “can compete with solvency as it is a clear and distinctive international benchmark for sustainable development”. “Lanzarote has some attributes that they do not have, that do not exist in the rest of the islands, and looking abroad, outside of Spain, the reference tourism model is undoubtedly that of Lanzarote and those are assets that the island has to take advantage of with a view to hosting the agency’s headquarters”, stressed Ángel Vázquez.


For her part, Dolores Corujo clarified that the journey is long and that both the State and the Government of the Canary Islands will have to request this agency. “It is Spain that is fighting to have the European Agency in our country, and it is the Canary Islands that are fighting to have it in their territory and the different islands have demanded that it be in each one of them,” she says.


From the Canarian Coalition, the race initiated in other islands to obtain this headquarters was nuanced. “This is a race, what I don’t know is whether it would have to be a city that organizes, through the Government of the Canary Islands and, in turn, through the Spanish State, this headquarters of the European Tourism Agency. It would be good if all the Canary Islands agreed to go with a single candidacy”.



Now it remains to be seen the powers and guidelines that could come out of this European Tourism Agency. The race has officially started.