Many of you have been in touch to ask whether International Driving Permits (IDPs) are required for UK Nationals visiting Spain, particularly as there have been reports of some tourists being fined for not having one.
The rules set out that countries that are signed up to the Geneva Convention do not require an IDP to drive in Spain (…/conducir-con-un-permiso-extranjero/). This means British tourists can drive on their UK licences in Spain and we have confirmed this with the Spanish authorities.
You can find further guidance on driving in the EU as a visitor at
In Spain, there are several authorities who have the responsibility to enforce traffic rules and issue fines. If you or someone you know has been fined and wish to appeal, you must first check which body issued the fine and then follow the appropriate process to appeal. You can read the general guidance from the DGT ( on fines related to traffic offences (this can be translated into English by using the language toggle at the top of the page).