Have you worked in Spain? You may be entitled to a Spanish state pension.
Do you know that you may be eligible for a Spanish pension even if you have only worked in the country for one year? In some cases it may even be less.
You can also combine any social security contributions you have made in different European countries and make them count towards your eligibility for a Spanish old-age pension. For example, if you’ve worked for 5 years in Spain and 10 in the UK this will still count as 15 years for your Spanish pension.
You should check with your regional INSS office directly for information about your own particular circumstances or any other questions and queries you have.
You can apply for your Spanish state pension online: https://pssc.seg-social.es/pension-jubilacion-reglamentos…
If you have further questions about tax relating to your Spanish old-age pension, please contact the Spanish Tax Agency: https://sede.agenciatributaria.gob.es.