Do you have any outstanding questions about your entitlement to access healthcare in Spain? The Healthcare Team is holding a series of one-to-one calls to answer your questions. Book your slot and we’ll do our best to advise you further.
To book your slot, please complete this form on the following link:
Please ensure you confirm your contact details before submitting the form and don’t forget to complete the section which asks for some advance information, as this will help us better prepare for your call.
We will be able to give advice and information about:
1. How to access healthcare in Spain
2. Your entitlement to health cover in Europe (e.g. S1, EHIC/GHIC)
We can’t advise on the following:
1. Provision of care and services provided by the Spanish health authorities
2. Covid-19 vaccine rollout in Spain
3. Residency issues
If you don’t manage to get a slot booked, don’t worry, we’ll open up more slots soon.