Doris Borrego: “Vacation homes increasingly attract tourism with greater purchasing power”

Lanzarote is one of the islands in the archipelago where there are more holiday homes in percentage terms, with more than 6,000 flats or houses dedicated to rent. In accommodation places, it is estimated at about 30 thousand places. The president of the Association of Vacation Homes in the Canary Islands and the Tourist Circle, Doris Borrego, confirmed this to Lancelot TV. “As a percentage, there are more holiday homes compared to the total housing stock in Lanzarote,” he pointed out. “We also talk about the fact that there is a great demand for this type of home on the island, more than in other Canary Islands, since it represents a bubble accommodation preferred by all travelers.”



On the other hand, Borrego points out that, unfortunately, most of the owners of holiday homes on the islands will not be able to benefit from the aid of the 1,144 million euros that the Central Government has sent to the Canary Islands to cushion the effects of the crisis. “Most of the vacation home owners are individuals who are not going to be eligible for this aid, precisely for that reason, because they are individuals and are not self-employed or entrepreneurs,” he explains.



In any case, the representative in the Canary Islands of the vacation rental recognizes that 20% of the vacation rental has been converted to long-term rental due to the pandemic. “They have done it momentarily for not being able to hold out for so long, but they will foreseeably return to the holiday home market when the situation recovers,” he explains.




Borregos believes that the differentiated product of the vacation rental will be increasingly demanded by a quality tourist looking for something different from the traditional offer. “Undoubtedly, the most demanded product is the vacation home, single-family, isolated and with a swimming pool, because we are attracting a tourist with increasingly high purchasing power who, in addition, are lengthening their stay longer and longer, and not only teleworkers , but all visitors who opt for this type of housing. Before they stayed between a week and ten days and now they are staying between two and three weeks ”.



In the Canary Islands there are, at the moment, officially more than 35 thousand homes for vacation rental. In Lanzarote, the municipalities of Yaiza and Tías are the ones with the most holiday homes, around two thousand houses per town, according to the Cabildo’s Data Center.