The president of ASCAV, Doris Borrego, asks the co-founder of Airbnb for collaboration so that this type of rental is not discredited






Neither tents in the middle of a field, nor mattresses in an apartment, that is not a vacation rental and the president of ASCAV, Doris Borrego, wanted to make it clear.


To do this, he has taken the initiative and sent a message in video form through formal email and social networks to Brian Chesky, CEO and co-founder of Airbnb. On Facebook alone it has more than 75,000 views in 3 days.


“There is no doubt that Airbnb is a great international pioneer in the intermediation of all types of “accommodations”, whose great success lies in the loyalty of millions of hosts and users who are called “Airbnb family”. Today, it is a leader in many countries and essential for the intermediation of vacation homes. With the beginning in 2008 of renting mattresses in homes, it continues with freedom as a banner, allowing the advertisement of any form to spend the night on its portal,” he points out.


“Times have changed, destinations have regulated and continue to dictate regulations for vacation homes. Airbnb, on the other hand, continues to allow any type of ads without differentiating, whether they comply with regulations or not. We’ve all woken up to headlines advertising “rooftop tents,” etc. “which is used to discredit vacation housing, a modality so important for the well-being and quality of life of thousands of families in the Canary Islands and which has finally managed to democratize tourism,” he explains.


With this message, ASCAV tries to reach and raise awareness among Airbnb’s greatest exponents of the need for collaboration with the sector and to understand that this type of negative messages reduce credibility and make it extremely difficult for local representatives to negotiate compliant regulations. He gives as an example the regulations of New York, where the new regulation for vacation homes has even gone so far as to prohibit it in practice.


Therefore, he reaches out to Brian Chesky to collaborate and help his hosts and users through his local representatives, who are the ones who best control their destinations.


To date, this request to Airbnb to eliminate the illegal or illegal offer from its portal had only been formulated at a political level, but ASCAV considers that the time has come for this request to be expanded to the sector, since it harms in the first place to those who strive to comply.


It raises Airbnb’s awareness with this initiative, since it considers that a sector that represents 36% of the accommodation beds in the Canary Islands, 43,000 direct jobs, an impact of 2.5 billion euros alone in accommodation and 140 million in indirect taxes is at stake.