Voting in Spain / Local Elections

Important Information- Registration ends 15th January 2023

This year there will be Spanish municipal elections on 28 May 2023.

Thanks to the agreement signed between the UK and Spain in 2019, all UK nationals who have been residents here for three years are entitled to vote. However, before you can vote you must make sure you have done the following, before 15th January 2023.

– registered on the padrón municipal where you live and

– confirm your registration on the electoral roll (censo electoral) within the dates set by the electoral authorities before each election.

Why should you vote?


To Protect your rights!


Do you think your local Ayuntamiento/ Council have during the last 4 years of being in power fulfilled their election promises and fully carried out their commitments?

Do you feel part of your local community?

Do you feel you receive enough information about what’s happening in your community?

Do you know your local rights?

Do you feel enough information is provided for non-Spanish


Are you happy with the local policing and security? Do you feel vulnerable?

If you are elderly, retired, or have disabilities do you think you are fully supported by your local Ayuntamiento, do you know what benefits you may be entitled to, and what other services you may be entitled to?

Do you feel confident to contact or visit your Ayuntamiento and if so feel welcome or satisfied with the outcome?

Do you feel you were supported during the pandemic?

These are just a number of points that have been raised with us, and there are many more to consider, but if these points affect any of you then please register NOW so you can vote and have your say in your future.


Remember in order to be able to vote you must register before the 15th January 2023. 

If you are not already on the padrón or are not sure if it is up to date, you should register or check your status as soon as possible.  The Oficina del Censo Electoral (OCE) will write to all those that, according to the relevant databases, have the right to vote. Once you receive this, check the information is correct, sign the declaration and return it to the stated address or finalise the process online, according to the instructions. If you don’t receive the letter, get in touch with your town hall to check what you need to do to get on the electoral roll. In order to be able to vote next year, you must register on the electoral roll before 15th January 2023.