5 Easy Ways You Can Keep Cool and Safe in Lanzarote this Summer
In Lanzarote, you can almost be guaranteed pleasantly warm, sunny weather.
At almost any time of the year, you can sunbathe by the pool, go for a swim in the beautiful blue ocean, or wander around the stunning landscapes and fascinating urban areas in shorts and t-shirts.
Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands archipelago,which have been blessed with what many experts have described as the best climate in the world! While it is certainly the case that Lanzarote is renowned for its fairly constant and pleasant climate throughout the majority of the year, including relatively mild summers and warm winters, this doesn’t mean you can become completely complacent about the heat of summer.
While you will generally not face extremes of temperature, unlike many other popular destinations, there are days during the summer months when temperatures can feel sweltering. This can be especially true if you are used to a colder climate, such as that of Northern European countries.
Average temperatures hover around 25ºC during July, August and September, but these can become hotter, especially during a heatwave. While parts of the island can be fairly breezy at times, you cannot always rely on this to cool you down, as the winds can be warm in the summer. Skies are generally clear and blue, with little in the way of cloud cover, especially in the South of the island where the majority of tourists go to enjoy their holidays.
Summer is a brilliant time to visit Lanzarote. So that you can enjoy the very best stay on the island, or even for those of you lucky enough to call Lanzarote home, here are 5 easy ways you can keep cool and safe in
Lanzarote in summer:
1. Make sure to keep your sun cream topped up
This is essential to avoid turning bright red with a painful sunburn,and even more important to prevent the harmful effects of the sun’s rays that can lead to skin cancer. This is especially true if you’re planning to spend an extended period in the sun, such as sunbathing on the beach or by the pool. You should top up your sun cream regularly, including after a swim,cover all exposed skin and wear the right level for your skin type. The paler your skin, the higher factor cream you should wear to stay well protected. It is important to cover up with sun cream whatever your skin colour though, as the sun’s rays affect everyone, especially at their most intense during summer.
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2. Avoid too much time in the sun at peak intensity
It’s understandable that if you’ve decided to head to Lanzarote during the summer, then you probably want to top up your tan. After all, your friends and family won’t believe you’ve even been away if you don’t come back with a golden glow. While we can’t deny we also like a bit of a tan, we know how important it is to keep your skin safe. This is especially the case if you’ve just arrived on holiday from a northern European country because quite simply you won’t be used to the intensity of the sun in Lanzarote. It is highly advisable to avoid extended periods of exposure to the sun during the hottest parts of the day (10 am-3 pm). This is when the sun’s rays are the most intense and can do the most damage to your skin and eyes, as the UV light is strongest. During these times, we would recommend not sunbathing,or if you do, only for a short period and with plenty of sun cream. Try to stick to the shade, as you also risk becoming dehydrated and getting sunstroke, which is extremely unpleasant. Don’t worry, there is plenty of tanning time outside of these peak hours!
3. Make sure to drink plenty of water
It is very important to drink a lot of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. When the weather is warmer, you will inevitably sweat more. It is almost unavoidable, especially as the temperatures can start approaching 30 degrees in the summer in Lanzarote. While it is tempting to grab a beer or soft drink, this is certainly not ideal if you want to stay hydrated. You will feel momentarily refreshed, but soon afterwards even more thirsty. This is the problem with alcohol or soft drinks that are full of sugar, so we suggest sticking to water if you want to feel refreshed. This is especially necessary if you find yourself wandering around in the hot sun, playing sport, or even if you’re just chilling out at the beach or by the pool. If you’re not drinking enough water, then you will more than likely start getting a headache and begin feeling ill, so remember to stay hydrated!
4. Cover up to stay protected when the sun is most intense
When it becomes very warm, especially at the hottest part of the day, it can be tempting to bare as much flesh as possible. Some exposure to sunlight is beneficial, as our body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when we’re outdoors, which is essential for healthy bones.As mentioned earlier, though, too much exposure to the sun at the hottest part of the day can lead to burning and potentially skin cancer. As you are almost guaranteed the sun throughout the whole day, especially in the summer months in Lanzarote, you can avoid too much direct exposure to the sun during the times when it is most intense. You will still be able to enjoy plenty of sunlight before and after these times without such a risk of burning. This is why, as well as wearing sun cream and staying out of the direct sun when it is strongest, it is also advisable to cover up with a hat and t-shirt or blouse. This will help keep your skin protected if you are walking around in the sun.
5. Don’t forget your sunglasses
Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and wear them during daylight hours to keep your eyes protected from the sun. While most people wear sunglasses as a fashion accessory, or to block the sun from the eyes, they are much more important than just that. In a very similar way that the sun’s rays can be harmful to your skin, they can have a damaging effect on your eyes. Extended exposure to UV rays (UVA and UVB) from the sun without protection has been linked to several eye diseases. In severe cases, these can lead to sight problems, including blindness. This is why it is especially important when you are deciding which sunglasses to buy that you choose a pair that blocks out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. If they don’t block these rays, they may give some relief from visible light and stop you from needing to squint, but will not protect your eye’s from the sun’s harmful rays. If you do happen to forget your sunglasses or need a new pair, there are plenty of shops in Lanzarote selling quality sunglasses. If you follow the five easy steps listed above, you will be able to keep cool and enjoy a safe time in Lanzarote this summer. Please share this article on social media with anyone you know who is planning a holiday in Lanzarote soon!
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