Summer does not come as expected and is not going to beat record of tourist influx or occupation as occurred in the three summer months of 2017, where an average of 92% of available places was reached.

At least that is the impression of the president of Asolan, Susana Pérez, who this Thursday at Café de Periodistas pointed out that the forecasts of tourist arrivals for the summer of 2018 will be lower than those registered in 2017 due mainly to two fundamental issues: there will be 180,000 less available air spaces and the Mediterranean markets will begin to recover, which are direct competition in the Canary summer.

“The forecast, according to our main indicator, which is the air connectivity, the seats, is that for Lanzarote in particular they fall by 9.4% , that is, in air seats for the summer, 184,000 fewer places ,” explains Pérez.


On the other hand, Perez said that more than 21,000 places will fall in connection with the Peninsula. “The concrete data of places that are going to fall in connection with the Peninsula are 21,171, and that, of course, is being noticed in the prices”, adds the president of Asolan.


Finally, the representative of Lanzarote hoteliers clarified the reality of the controversy over the floor bells pointing out that in general there is no precariousness in that sector, that most companies strictly comply with the agreement.