The General Commission of the Autonomous Communities of the Upper Chamber will debate next Tuesday, June 26, the motion presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group, at the request of the senator for Lanzarote and La Graciosa, Joel Delgado, to support the initiative to declare La Graciosa as the eighth Canary Island promoted by the Council of Citizenship of La Graciosa and seconded unanimously by the Canarian institutions.


Joel Delgado has expressed his satisfaction because the campaign started in 2013 by the neighbors themselves can finally reach the Senate where he trusts that it can be ratified by all the groups in the chamber. “It is very important that, while maintaining its administrative affiliation of Lanzarote, the island has a unique legal treatment that allows and serves the purpose of improving the quality of life of the gracioseros,” says the popular senator.


The initiative exposes the administrative reality of La Graciosa and the need for the resident population to have a good functioning of basic services that allow “to reconcile the life on the island with conservation its extraordinary natural values” that give it precisely the condition of protected space within the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park.


The senator from Lanzarote emphasizes that the consideration of a populated island would bring with it “greater quotas of self-government in which obviously it will be necessary to advance with the work of all and of the administrations involved”. It should be remembered that this was one of the commitments that Delgado acquired with the gracioseros at the moment in which he asked for their support to be their representative in the Upper House.