Will there be a maximum fare on flights with the Peninsula?

Fomento does not rule out “the application of a roof” to put a limit on the price of airline tickets to and from the islands



The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, has met Friday with the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, and has made sure not to rule out “the application of a roof” to put a limit on the price of air tickets with origin or destination the islands, reports Europa Press in the newspaper El Día. 

“We have to see all the measures that we can take to prevent that there may be an increase in the tickets derived from the bonuses per resident and, if there is really an irregular event, the Ministry will apply the corresponding sanctions,” he said in statements to the media. Communication.



The minister explained that there is an Observatory that analyzes the prices of airlines and is preparing a report to see “to what extent” is true or not that airlines are raising the price of their tickets as a result of the application of 75 percent discount for residents.



However, he assured that the Ministry still does not have that information since “the companies have two months to present the settlements” and the last update of them is from the end of August. “” We will not be able to verify this information until We have closed the liquidations of the companies, “he added, adding 

that this was” a predictable effect because the bonus occurs on the regular price that exists at the moment “ and explained that work is being done to” modify different aspects at the time of booking the tickets. “


In particular, he defended that residents would have to “state their condition after knowing the price of the ticket and not before because that would clarify very well the application of the bonus”, to which he added that “it would be good to have the price and then Resident status.