The Municipality of Yaiza has notified the property of the Hotel Natura Palace in Playa Blanca of the resolution of the Governing Board for which an urban planning license is granted to this building after having examined its legalization project considering the regulations of the General Plan for the Supplementary Arrangement of the municipality and tourist authorizations granted by the Cabildo de Lanzarote.

From this point of view:

  1. The City Council reports favorably on the legalization and concession of a four-star hotel development license on plot AB4 of the area of ​​unconsolidated urban land of Montaña Roja at the request of Yaiza Beach SA, for adjusting the building to the parameters established in the General Plan of Yaiza, after complying with the applicable tourism sector regulations.


  1. The hotel establishment has tourist authorization by Resolution nº32 of February 20, 2002, counting with a category of 4 stars with capacity for 269 accommodation units, and 466 tourist places.


  1. The Administration proceeds to declare legalized the building consisting of a hotel called Natura Palace, and in accordance with current planning. Prior to the agreement of the Governing Board, the City Council required the promoter to proceed to the payment of a fee of 298,331,893 euros for the processing of the legalization file.


  1. The increase of buildability will be subject, in concept of recovery of capital gains and prior or simultaneous to the mandatory urban planning license, to the payment to the City of Yaiza of 15% of the urban development derived from the increase in buildability applicable to the plot in question