General Plan Yaiza
Today the plan for Yaiza was officially published. Please see the links and information below. Now the plan has been published you have only 45 days in which to make allegaciones. It is vital that owners in Playa Blanca unite and take action.


Gob Canarias:

The Canary Islands government approves and publishes corrections Yaiza General Plan. The Official Bulletin of the Province of Las Palmas published Friday April 11 Order of the Director of Public Works , Transport and Regional Policy of the Government of the Canary Islands by the substantial corrections from the PAD approval of the General Management Plan was approved Supletorio the municipality of Yaiza and the Environmental Sustainability corrected.

The order signed by the Minister Domingo Berriel further resolves to submit the General Plan and the agreements incorporating public information and consultation for a period of forty-five ( 45) days.