I should firstly like to welcome the new members who have joined us this year and to take this opportunity to thank all our members for being part of the association and for your continued support. I am pleased to report that with your support the LBRA, as well as being the only official association for Europeans on the island, and indeed in the Canary islands continues to be one of the largest.  2017 has been a busy year not only with our LBRA work which is of course primarily looking after our members and their interests, but combined with the property project and our “formal meetings” with ministers and officials etc, attending meetings and presentations at the Cabildo and Ayuntamiento’s and government offices. As ever it has in all honesty been hectic at times but always extremely enjoyable, productive and worthwhile. In addition we have once again been awarded a contract to work on the promotion of tourism for Tourism Lanzarote and we continue to work for Teguise Ayuntamiento providing translation services on their behalf.

At the risk of sounding like an Oscar winner I should also like to thank my team at the association, particularly Silvia and Rita, my family for their support that allows me time away from my own businesses to concentrate on association matters. When I formed the association in 2008 my aim was to be able to help others and I feel that this has now been successful achieved.  Our members are the most important part of the organisation, and our commitment is to work hard on your behalf and take care of your interests. As​ ever our overall objective is to continually increase tourism, improve the facilities, standards and services that the island has to offer,​ and to​support and create unity in the​ community. We have the knowledge, capabilities, enthusiasm and dedication to work on your behalf and with your support we will continue to do so. Best wishes Daniel