Lanzarote is an amazing island of contrasts. You have the bright blue ocean and sky, the golden yellow sandy beaches, and the black lava fields that cover much of the island. It is an amazing and unique place, that millions of tourists love to visit each year. Many of them come here to enjoy these aspects of the island just mentioned as it is the perfect place to come and escape from the stresses of ‘normal life’.

The Canary Islands are often classed as having “the best climate in the world” and a lot of this is down to the year round sun and few rainy days. Much of the interior of Lanzarote is quite a barren landscape, due to the lack of rainfall throughout most of the year. The majority of Lanzarote’s tourists come from the UK and Germany, where they experience enough rain to last a lifetime in one year. It is a welcome relief to stay in a place where you can literally sunbathe all holiday.
Contrary to what some people might believe though, it does actually rain sometimes, and when it does it can be torrential. This can be disruptive, but many of the locals love the rain as it is great for the crops that are grown here. It also transforms the island, especially in the north. The hills and fields are transformed from a dull brown with little to no plant life, to a verdant green. It is quite amazing what a couple of days of rain can achieve here.

Around a month ago there were several days of torrential rain which was unusual for that time of year. Since then though much of the island remains green and full of life! If you explore the countryside especially near to Haria and other towns and villages of the north you could think you are in a completely different place. You’ve probably never seen Lanzarote like this before!

There are grassy fields and hills that look like they could be in the UK or mainland Europe. It is the palm trees and bright blue sky that will remind you that you’re somewhere more tropical.  Lanzarote is an amazing place any time of the year, but the rain has really brought it to life, and perhaps made it even more beautiful (if that is possible)!

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(Photo Credit: Simon Turkas)

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