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Artists of the Royal Opera House in Lanzarote

Another great team of opera singers will be arriving on Lanzarote in July for two concerts on the Island. The directors of Maestro Music Management have booked four outstanding singers and

Language exchange - Intercambio de idiomas

We are meeting again on Wednesday 6th July at 5.00 at Friends Bar in Playa Flor Complex, La Concha, Playa Honda.

Don´t miss the chance to practise Spanish with native speakers in a relaxed atmosphere. You will also help others to speak more fluent English, and have a few laughs in the process!

If you are looking for a Beginners course in practical, spoken Spanish

This week

I've been devoting much of my time recently to "trámites" - a word with no exact English translation.tramit

We say "Tengo que hacer trámites" when we talk about doing paperwork - which can also cover obtaining

Flights to & from Lanzarote

Do you know TripAdvisor launched its flight metasearch system outside of the US and UK for the first time in May?
Spain joined in last month, together with Ireland, Canada, France, Italy and Germany.

Good news, isn´t it? This is what I saw this morning when I checked

Today's Lowest fares from Lanzarote, ES
£186to London, GB
£239to Dublin, IE

All return fares

A sleepless night in Teguise

"Pasar la noche en blanco" means "to have a sleepless night, and that´s the plan for the night of 1st July in "La Villa", the old capital of Lanzarote.

The Ayuntamiento de Teguise has organised the first Noche en blanco, starting at 5pm and lasting until the early hours of the following day.


With many activities planned including concerts, a guided tour of the village historical centre starting at 19.00 from the Tourism Office, free entry to the Timple museum and the Pirates Museum between 17.00 and 1.00, sport demonstrations, wine tasting, cultural activities and Batucada, la Noche en Blanco will really have something for everyone.

Please check this link to see the original information from the Ayuntamiento

The role of Tourism in Lanzarote - Present and future

Pedro San Ginés took up his post as President of the Cabildo de Lanzarote yesterday, and during the inauguration speech he said:
"The tourism industry is our main source of employment, wealth and welfare and is to

Modernisation Plans For Puerto del Carmen